Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?

We open everyday at 12 noon and we close late. What does late mean? We usually stay open until 10pm and sometimes later. If we have customers we'll stay open. Sometimes on weekends we stay open til midnight. 

Did you take over the old Blue Bag Records location?

Yes, yes we did, however our inventory is entirely new.

I don't live in Los Angeles, can I buy your records online?

Yes. We are currently selling a selection of our records on our site (see below link).

How often do you put out new releases?

We are constantly buying, selling, and trading records, tapes, and hi-fi gear. We usually put out our new releases in the front of the store in our 'New Releases' bins on Thursday evening or Friday morning. 

Do you guys have live music?

Yes, yes we do. We support the local music community by regularly hosting live music.

Can I host my next event or production at Cosmic Vinyl?

Yes! Cosmic Vinyl is the perfect location to host your next event or production. We have hosted numerous live music events, photoshoots, documentary film, music video, and commercial shoots. Please contact us for more info on how to host your next event or production at Cosmic Vinyl. 

Can I drop off my demo at Cosmic Vinyl?

We love supporting the local music scene. Thank you for your interest in sending us your music. Unfortunately, we can't accept your physical demo, but feel free to send us a link to your music online. We have a music booker who curates all of our shows. 

I've got this record I think is worth something, how do I know how much it's worth?

Records are priced and valued mostly by their condition. A record in poor condition is worth a lot less than the same record in mint condition. Value also depends on the particular release. Generally early pressings in good condition are worth more than a later repress of the same record. 

How do you price your records?

We price our records mainly based on condition. We research current market value prices using several resources online and come up with an average price we're comfortable with based on what record it is and it's condition.

Will you buy my record collection?

We collect our inventory in a number of ways. One of those ways is from people like you who sell their personal collections to us. Please make sure your records are in good condition if you are interested in selling or trading records with us.

I have a large collection, will you pick up my record collection from my house?

Yes, we love buying large collections. We're happy to come to your house and check out your collection, If we like what we see we'll work to negotiate an offer.

Why do you have multiple copies of the same record for different prices?

We price our records based on condition. If you see two identical records with different prices the more expensive one is probably in better condition than the cheaper. Also, pricing records can be tricky, often times records have been pressed multiple times and some pressings are more valuable than others. Please feel free to ask if you have a question about a particular record.

Do you buy CDs?

No. We are not currently buying or selling CDs. We do however buy, sell, and trade records, tapes, and hi-fi gear. 

Do you have a listening station?

Yes, we do. We have two customer listening stations at the back of our store on the stage.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. We have two customer listening stations at the back of our store to make sure you're happy with your selections before making your purchase.

I'm looking to buy my first turntable or upgrade my hi-fi setup, what do you recommend?

Our hi-fi wall features a variety of vintage turntables, receivers, speakers, and various other hi-fi components. We usually have something for everyone whether you're looking for your first budget friendly turntable, or upgrading to an audiophile setup.

Do you check out your vintage gear before you sell it?

We service and test all of our gear before we sell it.

Can you fix my turntable?

Unfortunately, we don't offer repairs at this time, however we can recommend a couple of local places we trust to service our gear. We like supporting local businesses.

Who makes your t-shirts?

We proudly carry t-shirts and accessories from our friends at Bandit Brand, Local Boogeyman, as well as our own line of t-shirts and record tote bags. Our shirts and tote bags are printed locally. We like to support our friends.

Are you currently hiring? Can I drop off my resume?

We are not currently hiring. If you wish, you may email your resume to us to keep on file should we be looking to hire someone.