We carry a wide array of new and used vinyl records of all genres, including 33, 45, and 78rpm records. From our dollar record bins to our rare and valuable record wall, we carry records to satisfy every budget.




We carry a wide variety of cassette tapes, cassette singles, and 8-tracks of various genres.


Hi-Fi Gear


Our hi-fi wall features a selection of turntables, receivers, preamps, cd players, and more. Whether you're looking for your first turntable or looking to upgrade, we carry everything from entry level gear to high end gear to satisfy the most discerning audiophile. We also proudly distribute products for U-Turn Audio turntables, Grado Labs and Audioengine


Clothing & Accessories


We proudly carry clothing from our friends at Bandit Brand and Local Boogeyman, as well as our own line of t-shirts and tote bags.